Shardings-Meet is a coming-of-age video conferencing platform that you can design like your own house when you host a meeting. While it is true that you cannot change the people that you will ultimately attend a meeting with, you can try to make the medium a bit more interesting.
Shardings Meet operates on the principle of ‘Ideas Over Hierarchy to foster an imagination that exceeds expectations. With the sole aim of enhancing your virtual sessions, Shardings Meet is your ideal package for professional and personal activities.
Screenshare: Share awesome presentations.
Breakout Rooms: Separate rooms for separate discusssions.
Co-Facilitators: Get extra helping hands.
Agenda: Plan a time-bound agenda where you can divide it into sections for each important piece of information.
Timer: A useful tool when you want the participants to finish an activity (like a quiz or test) within a time frame.
Group Chat: Type away your queries and comments while adding reactions and GIFs to support your text.
File Sharing: Share multiple files (documents, presentations, spreadsheets) at once with the attendees.
Emoticons: You laugh, you cry, you explain, you yell, you get confused - you do it all with emojis!
Soundboard: Level up your emotions with sounds! Choose from over 10 different and unique sound effects and spice up the whole experience.
Raise Hand: Ask your participants to raise their hand when they have a question to ask, an idea to share, or a valuable comment to pass.
Polls: Arrive at a consensus democratically.
Customizable Screen Layout: Choose how many attendees’ screens you want on your screen.
Try today, revamp your whole online meeting experience and join Shardings’ family now!
Shardings Meet has a lot to offer to its users.
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