Meet a coming-of age video conferencing platform that you can design like your own house; Shardings Meet. While it is true that you cannot change the people that you will ultimately attend the virtual meeting with, you can try to make the medium a bit more interesting and user friendly. React with sounds, give reasons for waiting in a queue, implement the utilities of several embedded applications while skipping several tabs, and so much more.
Video meetings are something that has become a major part of our lives and daily routine now. Online meetings, classes and lectures are all dependent on this model of communication. But how long could you sit on these channels without getting yourself bored? Not too long, right?
This is where Shardings Meet came as a savior!
The idea for this platform came to its founder during the lockdown by watching people complain about how monotonous their workspace i.e. their virtual meeting rooms have become. They relied on the most popular platforms for conducting their meetings and workshops and engaging in chat. Little did they know that their privacy would be messed with.
Having the resources to do something about the hardships of such people, the foundation team set out their tools to improve the world’s digital experience and revamp the whole virtual meeting space and industry.
Well, because it is interesting to use. Can anything top that? Yes, their best-in class features can! Their servers are set in India, which is how everyone can ensure that their data will be safe and will stay inside the boundaries of this country. Shardings Meet believes in being limitless, which is why audiences can invite and host any number of people they want. Shardings Meet also has engaging tools to retain the audience and keep them focused on what you are saying.
Shardings Meet is made available to almost everyone like Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Financial Institutions, Corporates, Government Bodies, School Groups, Startups and YOU! Celebrate your best friend's birthday party or make your best first impression in an interview - do it all virtually with SHARDINGS MEET.
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