A meeting where people around the world join together regardless of their location, with the help of audio and video. Virtual meetings can be used in many ways, including connecting with family, friends, colleagues and team members.
In a world this bust and fast paced, virtual or video meetings are a blessing in disguise. Bringing everyone together in a room for discussion sounds like too much of a task nowadays. This is where Virtual Meet-ups come into the picture and eases our lives so much. Connecting with just an internet connection with people all over the world is nothing less than a miracle.
Virtual meetings are used almost everywhere today and by every other person or organization too. COVID-19 taught us that meeting virtually i.e. without any physical contact is possible and that the industry requires much of it too.
One of the major advantages of this is that it could be hosted from anywhere and reach everywhere with just a few clicks. This saves time, money and a lot of effort and physical labor.
Another advantage is the ability to record everything and not depending on your memory to remember and recall everything. Attend, record and revisit the whole experience easily. All of these major points make us believe that this high tech technology couldn’t be any better.
But it comes with some downsides too.
Sure, virtual meetings can cut some costs and connect you with your loved ones in just a few minutes but is it really that error free? Let’s find out:
The first and foremost thing that virtual meetings lack is the personal human touch. A lot of people prefer face-to-face meetings and conversations and video conferencing isn’t just their thing. Connectivity issues are another disadvantage that virtual meetings could have. A non-consistent internet connection could be a total mood killer and would create a lot of hindrance in conducting even a small talk.
Data breaches and compromises are a big issue of its own. Talking freely without getting your personal information leaked could be a constant point of tension too.
Online meetings, like any other thing, have their disadvantages and advantages. Honestly, it’s more of a personal thing and let’s hope for the best for what it holds for this industry.
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