Video conferencing has become an essential part of our lives now. Covid-19 boomed the culture of work from home and the trend of connecting online for video meetings.
But are you doing it right? Are there some ways to make your experience better? Well, we’ve got some points to help you out with this. Let’s check them out:
Better Internet Connection: Video conferencing and meetings depend solely on the internet connection that you have. But if you’re getting trouble with your WiFi, try going with a wired connection through an Ethernet cable. Wired connections give better reception with no interruptions.
Better Camera Quality: Showing your face with the correct camera could make your conversation more lively. A better resolution and wide angle camera should be your go-to.
Virtual Background:Custom backgrounds can hide the messy room you might have in your back. If you have anything that might act as a distraction to others, virtual backgrounds would be great to use.
Checking Your Equipment: Having a look at your audio/video beforehand shall avoid many sudden moments of device failure. Checking whether the microphone is working properly or not is also important.
Finding The Right Lighting: Everything could go in vain if the members can’t possibly see you due to bad lighting. A well lit area of the room should be your ideal place to have your meeting.
While video conferencing is nothing of a rocket science, maintaining proper etiquette is very important. Knowing how to work with these platforms with the best experience is critical now!
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