YouTube is a free video sharing and entertainment platform provided by Google to the whole wide world for more than a decade now. It’s seamless experience enables users to enjoy infotainment videography anywhere, anytime.
Everyone is aware of the term of uploading and YouTube solely depends on user uploaded videos and usually has a library and community of video makers.
YouTube has seen steady growth during the pandemic. People engaged and connected with each other mostly online via video conferencing platforms. Not much to our surprise, YouTube was soon considered as a fun activity by watching videos via sharing their screens. But soon, people started facing major issues of audio lag and video buffering.
This is where Shardings Meet came into the picture. We analyzed the problem statement and came up with a brilliant solution of integrating YouTube with our platform itself.
With 3 simple steps, enjoy buffer and lag free videos directly onto your screen:
Copy Link: Open YouTube on your browser and simply copy the video link that you wish to play to the meeting or your screen.
Paste Link: Open YouTube link tab from right side of Shardings Meet tab and paste the video link there and click PLAY VIDEO
User Control: The facilitators or owner can control the basic functionality of video playing such as Play/Pause, Forward/Backward, Mute/Unmute, Playback Speed, Captions On/Off and much more.
No more buffering video or laggy audio with Shardings Meet.
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