Conducting Workshops
never been easier✌🏼
All-in-one video-conferencing platform for professionals and you, with a token system that makes everything easier and lifelike
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All necessary meeting tools at one place, High🖐🏼
Launch any of the supportive app to keep your meetings rolling!
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Prep Things Up Quickly🤟🏼
Keep your questions, polls, speeches, and breakout rooms ready for an important meeting - if you have time. If not, ditch the prep and do everything five minutes before with our quick-as-wind interface.
Feel free to react🤙🏼
feel free to react
Cheer, get annoyed, act surprised, burst out laughing - in the realest virtual way. Make your online setting more humane.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Shardings Meet is a platform for people who regularly participate in video conferences/workshops. With the motto of "Ideas Over Hierarchy", we promise video conferencing solutions with features such as Waiting Rooms, Facilitators, App Integrations, etc., as well as complete data security to enhance your overall experience. Take a look at our features here.
Shardings Meet is currently available on Web. You can signup our app from here.
Shardings Meet is currently a free platform with features suitable for both individuals and businesses. For larger brands and businesses, advanced features will be introduced in the future at a competitive pricing plan.
You do not need an account to join a Shardings Meet invitation link. However, to host a meeting, you need to login or signup. Create a free account here!
We support up to 300 users per session. However, this number may vary depending on the plan you choose. With our free plan, you can bring up-to 40 people and enjoy your meetings forever.
Shardings Meet takes privacy and security very seriously and hence, no data breaches or third-party data leaking happens here. With complete end-to-end encryption, your private data remains private, always! To understand more, read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.
Absolutely yes! Keeping in mind that students have to spend a lot of time on online classes and meetings, we’ve made our platform as interactive and fun as possible. Take scheduled breaks, scribble your thoughts out on the whiteboard, do it all here!
We’re open and useful to all. Everyone’s welcome here: Hospitals, Educational and Financial Institutions, Corporates, Government Bodies, School Groups, Start-ups and YOU. Become a member today!
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